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Every individual passes through a waiting or a changing time in his or her life. The earlier it happens, the better. The shorter its duration, the good. During this time life is vulnerable to bad elements. It is a waiting time and calls for caution and quick adjustment. Man has understood the importance of this phase of life by understanding the life history of butterflies. Our elders have called this “Chrysalis time”.

Chrysalis is the gold colored Pupa. It is the third stage in the life history of Butterfly. It follows the caterpillar stage.

When the caterpillar grows large enough, it crawls to a safe spot on the underside of a twig. It hangs upside down with a firm grip by its last pair of legs for 12 to 15 hours. It slowly sheds its skin and becomes the pupa.

The pupal stage of the Monarch butterfly is called Chrysalis and is one of the most studied things of the living world. It is a smooth green object with golden spots . It is very beautiful to look at.

The Chrysalis hangs motionless, but inside the chrysalis case, changes take place at a rapid pace. All caterpillar structures breakdown and adult butterfly structures appear. In about 9 to 12 days, a fully developed butterfly positioned head down could be seen. By then, the chrysalis becomes a thin transparent cover, 24 hours before the emergence of the butterfly.

Usually the butterfly emerges in the morning hours of the day, by splitting the chrysalis case. Its wet folded wings become dry in the air, expand due to flow of liquids in its veins from the body. Now, the wings are ready to give the butterfly its first take off.

Chrysalis is an important defenseless stage in the life of a butterfly. It is during this stage, the most important changes of differentiation and growth occur. And everything happens very fast. Before any danger that may strike, the butterfly is gone free and far.

“Chrysalis time” in man too, is an important waiting time, when he or she may discover what it means to change and adjust, that is essential for a bold and meaningful life and a perfect take off into a bright future.
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