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When you are writing an exam. You have to write the correct answers. In a quiz competition, a wrong answer is a disqualification. Elsewhere, you may come across somebody asking you a funny question to know how smart you are with your repertoire, response and wit.

Here are some questions on Butterfly. Can you guess what the answers could be?

If you have read the Butterfly articles on this site, may be you can figure out the answers. But you have got to be funny and intelligent. Real “Butter for thought” stuff. Go ahead…

Click on Each Funny Question to find out Answers
(But prior to that please try to guess what could be the answer?..)

Why does the caterpillar hang upside down before it becomes Pupa?

Because, its appearance turns topsy-turvy as it grows into a butterfly

What is the similarity between a butterfly and an elephant?

Both have Proboscis

Can a butterfly perform a cake-walk?

Of course it can. If it eats eggs and flour. It has already got the sugar and Butter.

May I have a Butterfly kiss please?

Sorry, I have false eyelashes.

The caterpillar is a spinner. Your comments?

We can weave a story around the butterfly.

If your dining table has Butterfly legs, what good do they serve?

Legs taste the items on the table first and let you know whether you can eat Or not.

Why is Butterfly stroke so important in Swimming?

You cannot learn it unless you are familiar with Back stroke, Breast stoke and Freestyle

Why does a butterfly fly long distances?

It has high blood sugar levels and needs exercise.

Why is it called a Butterfly?

The Monarch butterfly has the answer. It feeds on Milk weed plants.

Why the Butterfly is beautifully colored?

It emerges out of the Pupa in “Flying Colors”!

What is the relationship between an Aero plane on its maiden flight and a Butterfly?

The Pilot will experience “Butterflies in Stomach” while take off and landing.

Among Butterflies which one is superior, the Monarch or the Viceroy?

Both are equal and look alike.

Why is it that a Caterpillar has only to walk and not run?

Because, it has only the Pillar, no Post to run inbetween.

Why is your jacket fluttering?

It has Butterfly stitches!