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Treasured Insect

The butterfly is a multicultural symbol. Man has treasured and appreciated this insect from times immemorial.

In Greek mythology, a story about a woman called Psyche is interesting. When threatened by death, the Greek God Zeus rescued her. As she rose from the jaws of death, God gave her butterfly wings and she soared high and free.

The Chinese regard butterflies as symbols of old age beauty, while the Japanese consider them as ones souls, much like the Mexicans. The Mexicans have even dedicated their historic Royal Palace, Teotihuacan, situated in the outskirts of Mexico City to the butterfly. It is now called as The Palace of Mariposa (after the Monarch butterfly).

The Zuni Indians look for the butterfly to predict weather. If they see a yellow butterfly first thing in the morning, the weather will be sunny and ideal for work. Conversely dark butterflies forecast thunderstorms.

People in Western Pennsylvania examine the location of chrysalides. If the chrysalides are found on the underside of rails or thick tree branches, the weather will be wet and rainy. When the chrysalides are found in slender branches, they forecast fair weather.

In Louisiana, if a white butterfly enters the house and flies around, it is good luck for the family. But in Maryland, it is believed to foretell death.

Bulgarians believe dark butterflies entering their houses, predict sickness and ill health.

Elsewhere in lover’s parks, two butterflies flying together are symbolic of a very happy marriage.

Man’s adoration for butterflies is beyond comprehension. Butterfly stitch, Butterfly valve, Butterfly stroke, Butterfly table, Butterfly position(yoga) are some of the most popular names he has given in admiration of this beautiful insect. The most exciting of all is Butterfly kiss. It is a very sensual kiss performed with eyelashes by a beautiful woman!